TEA ROTA 2019/2020

If anyone is NOT able to do a particular date its up to them to arrange a

March 2nd PDI Comp 5 Robert Jackie M  
  9th Workshop Hilton Eric  
  16th Pearmain: Flora & People Natalie  Colin S  
  23rd Speaker: Andy Sands Veronica Elkan Hilton
  30th Print Comp 5 Peter L Angela  
April 6th Match a Slide Veronica Hilton  
  13th Easter Bank Holiday      
  20th PDI Comp 6 Terry Natalie  
  27th St Ives Weekend      
May 4th Bank Holiday      
  11th Chairmans Evening Eric Colin S  
  18th Print Comp 6 Robert Elkan  
  25th Bank Holiday      
June 1st Club Outing      
  8th Workshop Jackie M Terry Angela, Hilton
  15th Slide & Print of the Year Comp Eric Peter L Hilton


You will receive notification of when you are on duty under “Tea Rota” on the website.  The “old hands” will know exactly what to do, however for those who have recently joined, here is some guidance.

  1. For those on duty, milk and biscuits must be brought –  decide between you who will bring what.
  2. Put up table – you will be shown where they are.
  3. Turn urn on – just flick a switch.
  4. Put out waste bin for used cups.
  5. The pressure pot must be filled with boiling water and put 5/6 tea bags in the teapot.
  6. Cups, coffee, tea and sugar are in the PCC cupboard in the kitchen.
  7. Put out two containers for sugar and two milk jugs.
  8. Serve tea and coffee in separate queues.

All of this must be prepared prior to the start of meeting.

Leave the meeting around 8.55pm as we break for tea /coffee at 9.00pm.

Clear up after the break and rejoin the meeting.


Please notify the Chairman of any shortages of cups, tea, coffee or sugar.

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