Club History

The Pinner Camera Club was formed in the late 1980’s (probably 1989). It was conceived following a conversation between Geoffrey Shalet and Les Spitz, two keen photographers, they were joined by Ralph Myers before the club was formed. The inaugural meeting was arranged by Geoffrey Shalet held in the home of Stephen Jacobs in Paines Lane, Pinner. Geoffrey Shalet chaired the meeting and became the first President of the club, a position and title he held till around 1995 – the meeting was attended by Geoffrey, Les, Ralph, Stephen J and several others. The early meetings were held in Pinner Library and later moved to the Harrow Arts Centre. Les Spitz took over the Chairmanship of the club following the departure of Geoffrey Shalet. Ralph Myers was the first programme secretary.

The name Pinner Camera Club was chosen as all initial members lived in Pinner and the club’s direction was the taking of photographs and not dark room processing which were rarely talked about. Our scientific expert on film and photographic process was Philip Muzlish, our expert on lenses was Alan Rustin. PAGB was our first affiliation. We have always been a friendly club offering support to beginners and guidance to those wishing to improve their photography. We have also always had a solid core of excellent photographers and in competition we generally punched above our weight. Member’s evenings have been a feature of the club since we were formed. We also took the view that in competition beginners should not be separated from experienced photographers.

The Chairmen

Kevan Rosendale     2022-
Barry Kester             2018-2022
Mike Lurie                 2015-2018
Stan Hill                    200?-2015
Rod Head                 2005-200?
Les Spitz                   1995-2005
Geoffrey Shalet         1989-1995

The League Winners

Projected Digital Image      
Year 1st 2nd  3rd
2022/23 Tim Dowd Colin Sharp Veronica Hill
2021/22 Colin Sharp (Tie) Lew Wasserstein (Tie) John Dobson
2020/21 Lew Wasserstein Natalie Levy Tim Dowd
2019/20 Tim Dowd Natalie Levy Angela Rogers
2018/19 Tim Dowd Tim Dowd John Dobson
2017/18 Tim Dowd Lew Wasserstein Angela Rogers
2016/17 Roger Stelfox John Dobson Tim Dowd
2015/16 John Dobson Angela Rogers Les Spitz
2014/15 Angela Rogers Lew Wasserstein Roger Stelfox
2013/14 Peter Elton Lew Wasserstein Roger Stelfox
2012/13 Roger Stelfox Stan Hill Angela Rogers
2011/12 Roger Stelfox Peter Elton Stan Hill
2010/11 Peter Elton Roger Stelfox Stan Hill


Year 1st 2nd  3rd
2022/23 Lew Wasserstein Tim Dowd Natalie Levy
2021/22 Simon Mee Lew Wasserstein (Tie) John Dobson (Tie)
2020/21 Not held due to Covid pandemic    
2019/20 Tim Dowd Les Spitz Lew Wasserstein
2018/19 Lew Wasserstein John Dobson Tim Dowd
2017/18 Tim Dowd John Dobson Lew Wasserstein
2016/17 Tim Dowd Les Spitz Lew Wasserstein
2015/16 Les Spitz Roger Stelfox John Dobson
2014/15 Tony Hawkins Roger Stelfox Martin Roberts
2013/14 Tony Hawkins Roger Stelfox Les Spitz
2012/13 Roger Stelfox Martin Roberts Stan Hill
2011/12 Tony Hawkins Stan Hill Roger Stelfox
2010/11 Stan Hill Peter Elton Roger Stelfox


Stephen Meyers Trophy   2nd 3rd  
2022/23 Lew Wasserstein Natalie Levy (Tie) Stan Hill (Tie) Kevan Rosendale (Tie)
2021/22 Peter Myers Stan Hill Cheryl Gurner  
2020/21 Jerry Harwood Tim Dowd John Dobson  


Pearmain Trophy  
2019/20 Wai Cheung
2018/19 Natalie Levy
2017/18 Judi Saunders
2016/17 Judi Saunders
2015/16 Les Spitz
2014/15 Angela Rogers
2013/14 Stan Hill   
2012/13 Roger Stelfox
2011/12 Stan Hill   


Year PDI of the Year Print of the Year
2021/22 Colin Sharp – Battersea Power Station …. Simon Mee – Harvest Mouse
2020/21 Tim Dowd – Evening Sail None
2019/20 Natalie Levy Roar of the Wild Lew Wasserstein – Crossing the Mara
2018/19 Lew Wasserstein – Watchful Chimpanzee Lew Wasserstein – Foxy
2017/18 Simon Mee-Dive Bomb/Lew Wasserstein – Thoughtful Primate Lew Wasserstein-Rough Sex
2015/16 Angela Rogers – Kookaburra Roger StelFox – Gull Dive
2014/15 Martin Roberts – Gull Tony Hawkins – Redshank Calling
2013/14 Steven Bockling – Cockchafer Beetle  
2012/13 Martin Roberts – Monty at Speed  
2011/12 Les Spitz – Thames Dawn Roger Stelfox – Stag Bellow
2010/11 Martin Roberts – Female Pied Flycatcher Tony Hawkins – Swanage Old Pier