Members must upload images for both Projected (PDI) and Print competitions here.

Images must be in JPEG format using sRGB colour space and should be at least 1600 pixels in width or height.  Members are asked to limit the maximum size to about 2000 pixels,  not for projection but only to conserve space in our dropbox.

The image files must be named with Title of the image (in capitals) “by” and Author’s name. Example:  OAK TREES by John Smith.jpg  The maximum recommended number of characters (including spaces) for the ‘title’ is 55.

Adapted from the Image Comp Pro v 17 manual, all rights acknowledged © Pinner Camera Club

Images may only be entered twice.  That is,  an image may be entered once in a PDI and once in a Print competition or it could be entered twice in either type of competition.  This enables a member to adjust an image following a judges comments and enter it again

The invitation to enter will give the last time for entry.  This is generally the Sunday evening at 6pm but may change if the Judge requires the images or prints earlier.   Late entries will not be accepted.  Several images can be uploaded at once.

Upload Images

 (return to the previous page in your browser to return to this page once you have uploaded your images)

This link uploads the images directly into a folder used for projection.

This same link can be used for any other uploads,  even AV’s up to a maximum of about 100MB.


PDI Competitons: 

1/ Please also include a number for images which may be dropped from a competition should it be oversubscribed. Example:  3_OAK TREES by John Smith.jpg

Print Competitons: 

1/  The digital images uploaded as entries for the print competition are used to assemble the competition and allow the club to keep digital copies of the prints on file for selection in inter club competitions   

2/  Prints which may be omitted should a competition be oversubscribed should be prefixed with a 4_ and 5_. Example:  4_OAK TREES by John Smith.jpg

3/  Title your prints using the template provided on our web site.  This can be downloaded here

4/   Bring your prints,  properly titled, to the club before 7:45 pm on the night of the competition.  On arrival we will issue you with random numbers for your 5 prints or whatever number you have titled & entered.  

That’s it – the Competition commences and the Computer and programme will score give us ranking winners etc

The Title will be called up by the Presenter – verified by operator of the Club computer who will have the random listed prints in-front of him on screen

NB:  No physical late entries can be brought in on the night.   The competition is set up in our software on Sunday evening and cannot be altered after that time.

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