Programme for 2018/2019 

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A printed version may be downloaded here 

December 3   Projected images competition 3

Rojer Weightman

  10   Members Presentations and AV’s  
  17   Xmas Social and Xmas theme competition. (one PDI image)  
Jan 7   Print Competition 3 Chris Palmer
  14   Talk: “Walking with Bears” Andy Skillen
  21   Members Workshop: Using your camera more effectively.  
  28   Projected Images Competition 4 Kevin Day
February  4   Members Critique Evening: How to improve images.  
  11   Print Competition  4 Dave Hipperson
  18    Members Short presentations (max 10 minutes).  
  21 Thurs Match a Digi competition at Field End vs Ealing   
  25   Talk: “From the Studio to the Street” Alan Colgrave
March 4   Projected Images Competition 5 Amanda Wright
  11   Members Workshop   
  18   Pearmain Set Subject Evening: Sports and/or Shaddows Steven Galvin
  25   Chairman’s  Evening  
April 1   Print Competition 5 Cat Humphries
  8   Pub Evening –  Meet at Coy Carp for a walk and a chat. Fairfield unavailable  
  15   Talk: “British Landscapes in Colour and Monochrome” Bill Allsop
  22   Bank Holiday Easter Monday  
  29   Projected Images Competition 6 Mark Buckley-Sharpe
May 6   Bank Holiday  
  13   Print Comp  6 Colin Harrison
  20   Members Evening:  Further presentations t.b.a.  
  27   Bank Holiday  
June 3   Club Outing: “Walk the Tyburn” with Stephen Myers  
  10   Slide & Print of the Year Competition