The procedure for Entry of prints changes as of NOW

The process has been changed to alleviate all the individual work done by the Scorer(generally Les)  finding –during the comp – who’s print being put up , reading out Title out etc & keeping/giving us the overall scores, Winner etc – we have automated the process .

Actions required going forward

At Home

  • Title your images, up to 5 accepted – depending on number of entries will determine per entry are taken out so please put your entries in in priority order
  • By Deadline of 6pm on the Sunday prior of Comp next day
  • Go onto PCC website
  • Scroll down to the Print Competitions Entry Form on this page
  • Fill in form in boxes with your Print Titles – up to 5 – remembering to input in priority order
  • Hit Submit – a print copy of your entry not required by us

On arrival Monday

NO form required going forward just – bring in, your previously TITLED physical prints, as input previous day

On arrival we will issue you with random numbers for your 5 prints or whatever number you have titled & entered

That’s it – the Competition commences and the Computer and programme will score give us ranking winners etc

The Title will be called up by the Presenter – verified by operator of the Club computer who will have the random listed prints in-front of him on screen

Nevertheless this does lead to the following

  • Entrants must have input their Titled entries by 6pm on the Sunday prior to the the Monday of the Competition
  • No physical late entries can be brought in on the night – we can’t accept under this new process or accommodate same under any circumstances

SO it is important that you meet your own deadline to enter Print Competitions going forward 


Print Competition Entry Form 

After the competition,  please upload any high scoring prints (that is 17 and over) so that we can add them to the pool for selection in inter club competitions.

Use this LINK