Lightroom FAQ

This page is intended to provide answers to common questions asked by our members using Adobe Lightroom, so here goes! If you have questions about Photoshop, please go to the Photoshop FAQ.

¬†Listed below are some common questions to developing photographs using Adobe Lightroom. This isn’t a definitive list but you might be able find a solution to your question by looking at John’s Lightroom Tutorial Videos which can be found here.


Q. How do I make sure that my images are the right size and use the right colour space for the PDI?

A. After you have finished processing your image you will need to export it. Simply right click on your image and choose the export option. You can save the values you enter as a preset. Click the small arrow to view a short video showing you how.



Q. How can I remove dust spots and blemishes using Adobe Lightroom?

A. This is quite simply, you can simply use the Spot Removal Tool found just above the Basic Panel in the develop Module as show in the video.



Q. The Judge comments on keeping verticals line straight, how do I do that?

A. Getting buildings or trees vertical is something that is relatively easy in Lightroom. There are two ways of achieving this first you could try using the Upright function in the Lens Correction panel of the develop module or staying in the Lens Correction, use the Manual section and use the sliders.



Q. How can I enhance my photos by adjust things such as Exposure, Contrast and so on.

A. Most of these can be changed in the Basic Panel.


Q. When I look at my photographs they always seem to have a vignette around them that I didn’t put there, can this be removed?

A. Possibly, it depends whether Adobe have create a lens profile for the lens that was used to take the photograph. To find out, go to the Lens Correction panel and enable the Lens Profile. You may need to go to the Profile section and select your lens manually if Lightroom is unable to accurately determine your lens.