The League Winners

Projected Digital Image    
Year 1st 2nd  3rd
2020/21 Lew Wasserstein Natalie Levy Tim Dowd
2019/20 Tim Dowd Natalie Levy Angela Rogers
2018/19 Tim Dowd Lew Wasserstein John Dobson
2017/18 Tim Dowd Lew Wasserstein Angela Rogers
2016/17 Roger Stelfox John Dobson Tim Dowd
2015/16 John Dobson Angela Rogers Les Spitz
2014/15 Angela Rogers Lew Wasserstein Roger Stelfox
2013/14 Peter Elton Lew Wasserstein Roger Stelfox
2012/13 Roger Stelfox Stan Hill Angela Rogers
2011/12 Roger Stelfox Peter Elton Stan Hill
2010/11 Peter Elton Roger Stelfox Stan Hill


Year 1st 2nd  3rd
2020/21 Not held due to Covid pandemic  
2019/20 Tim Dowd Les Spitz Lew Wasserstein
2018/19 Lew Wasserstein John Dobson Tim Dowd
2017/18 Tim Dowd John Dobson Lew Wasserstein
2016/17 Tim Dowd Les Spitz Lew Wasserstein
2015/16 Les Spitz Roger Stelfox John Dobson
2014/15 Tony Hawkins Roger Stelfox Martin Roberts
2013/14 Tony Hawkins Roger Stelfox Les Spitz
2012/13 Roger Stelfox Martin Roberts Stan Hill
2011/12 Tony Hawkins Stan Hill Roger Stelfox
2010/11 Stan Hill Peter Elton Roger Stelfox


Stephen Meyers Trophy  
2020/21 Jerry Harwood

The Pearmain Trophy

Pearmain Trophy  
2019/20 Wai Cheung
2018/19 Natalie Levy
2017/18 Judi Saunders
2016/17 Judi Saunders
2015/16 Les Spitz
2014/15 Angela Rogers
2013/14 Stan Hill   
2012/13 Roger Stelfox
2011/12 Stan Hill   


Year PDI of the Year Print of the Year
2020/21 Tim Dowd – Evening Sail None
2019/20 Natalie Levy Roar of the Wild Lew Wasserstein – Crossing the Mara
2018/19 Lew Wasserstein – Watchful Chimpanzee Lew Wasserstein – Foxy
2017/18 Simon Mee-Dive Bomb/Lew Wasserstein – Thoughtful Primate Lew Wasserstein-Rough Sex
2015/16 Angela Rogers – Kookaburra Roger StelFox – Gull Dive
2014/15 Martin Roberts – Gull Tony Hawkins – Redshank Calling
2013/14 Steven Bockling – Cockchafer Beetle  
2012/13 Martin Roberts – Monty at Speed  
2011/12 Les Spitz – Thames Dawn Roger Stelfox – Stag Bellow
2010/11 Martin Roberts – Female Pied Flycatcher Tony Hawkins – Swanage Old Pier