The Pearmain trophy evening started without a judge – so Stan and Les took
up the challenge and commented on the images – with a lot of “help” from
other club members.    It turned out to be a humorous evening, hopefully
enjoyed by all. It also brought home the message that producing good flower
photographs is not easy!

The winner was a unanimous decision – Lavendar Fields – by Roger Stelfox.

Explanatory note by Les Spitz

Jim Pearmain was a member of the club in the late 1980’s and early nineties. He was a keen horticulturist who often won prizes for his flowers.  Jim died on a holiday while taking photographs.

The original idea of the Pearmain Trophy was to have a competition each year with the set subject “Flowers”.  However we found that just looking at 50 or so “flower” images could get tedious so we tried to broaden the subject at various times.

This year’s subject is “Flora” i.e any plant images. This will include Flowers, Trees, Gardens, etc   I don’t think a landscape with grass on the distant hills would count – but a clump of grasses or trees – (lit by a torch!) will be acceptable!

Images for this year’s competition will be PDI’s (not prints)  Each member can enter 4 images sent in the normal way to Peter.

We hope that as many people as possible will enter – one or two images from those members that do not normally enter competitions, would be really nice.

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